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“The Wedding” – Eroticism at its best.

“The Wedding”, the episode that Outlander fans have been tweeting about for months, wanting to know about the dress, the ceremony, how the wedding night would occur…etc.  So, was it what you expected?  It wasn’t quite what I expected, yet it was done well and went off without a hitch – except for the couple that got hitched.

Again, there were deviations from the book, which readers of the book should expect by now.  This keeps the fans of the books on their toes yet keeps the storyline in a form so as to keep new watchers hooked.  Why the writing team deviated from Claire’s wedding to Frank we may not know, but while she appears joyous to marry Frank (circa 1935),

claire frank wed

She has the deer-in-the-headlights look right after her nuptial kiss to Jamie, 1743.

claire jamie wed

We see the couple as they are pronounced man and wife and the story takes us through a series of flashbacks revealing events that have led up to the wedding.  I’m not going to recap everything, just my take on some scenes that really worked.

Clearly the couple are nervous. Claire gets drunk (again), or maybe she hadn’t recovered from the hangover that she woke up with.  Jamie tells Claire there are three conditions that he tells Dougal must be met for him to agree to marry Claire.  Dougal – a bigger cad you’ve never met, but a completely crude fellow that I quite enjoy.

Jamie’s conditions: a wedding by a priest in a kirk, a wedding ring, and proper wedding attire for her (and him). Okay, now that we have the formalities out of the way, what hit me most about this episode (and I’ve watched them all a dozen times at least), was the eroticism of The Wedding Night.

Starz has made the promise of sex more appealing through erotic touch than watching a virgin bridegroom stumble his way through his own deflowering.  Warning, while there is no _explicit_ content, the content is suggestive and may be considered R-rated.

necklace off

To the female fandom: how many times did YOU close your eyes and feel Jamie’s hands caress your flesh, to remove a ribbon from your neck?   You can bet millions of of viewers wished they were on the receiving end of that simplest of undressings.  Of course, Jamie being a virgin-but-not-a-monk, knew he needed to undress his bride, yet he doesn’t know he is starting a firestorm in Claire’s loins.

How many of you brown haired lasses would like to hear Jamie say “mo nighean donn” in a breathless whisper while brushing a stray lock of hair away from your neck?  I’ve seen how many twitter handles are out there, resembling the Gaelic phrase of “my brown haired one/lass”.   Fess up and make sure you have a bib for your drool for every time you rewatch this episode.  Don’t forget to check back in after you buy a box of L’Oreal “Mo Nighean Donn”, the newest color on the market.  I want to see how many new bottle brunettes there are following this episode.


What of the male fandom out there?  As I tweeted before this episode, I have no doubt there will be many babies born in the couple of weeks before or after June 20th.   Did you care that your women folk were drooling over Jamie like he was real, while you were secretly (or maybe overtly) drooling over Claire?  Or maybe you just didn’t care about your women have been yakking about for months, years, decades?  Yeah, I’m sure there are a few of you who wished you were Jamie.

claire boobb

Oh right, back to business.

Jamie to Claire: You’ve not told me what you did all day…

Uh, I don’t need words for that! claire and the bottle

So, while the liquid courage is flowing at record levels in her blood, Claire decides to take this bedding business into her own hands.  She’s already deflowered Jamie, so it’s time for her to be dominant…

The moments the throngs of women have been waiting for…

claire touch jamie


jamie butt

Well, the next frames instigated the “thuds” heard around the proverbial world (the US anyway).

The barest whisper of a touch has the potential to be more sexual than just about anything else.  ‘Nuff said.

Now, the sales of long, single strand pearls probably skyrocketed after this scene.  Guys, if you haven’t gotten one for your lass for her birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or just becuase, then you’d better get cracking.  They aren’t just to wear with her little black sweater.

pearls lightened

And then…reality check!


Girl, you have yourself two husbands in two spatial dimensions.

I commend Starz on how they have presented the much anticipated wedding night.   What happens next?  For those who’ve read the books (like me), we all know what will happen…but from what I’ve heard, Episode 8 will be a cliffhanger.

Thanks for reading my first ever post.  I decided to take one aspect of the episode to write about since there have already been endless recap’s out on the internet. The comments and thoughts contained herein are purely my own. Images are (mostly) from Starz.