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Samhain and You

Today is the big day,  some of you have already started the Samhain partying last night, and for others, the evening has already started.

Samhain (pronounced akin to “sow-an”) falls near to the halfway mark of the autumnal equinox (beginning of fall) and the start of winter.  Outlander show fans saw that Claire was flung back in time 202 years when she was too close to the stones at Samhain.  The book readers know this actually happened at Beltain, the end of April.  No matter.  The point being is that she found that she was able to cross into another time through the open portal, standing stones.  Apparently she didn’t heed Mrs. Baird’s wise words.

Sunrise Summer Solstice
Sunrise Summer Solstice

0620151532 0619151501At Clava Cairn

Traditionally, Scots would hold feasts with offerings left outside for the safety and health of livestock throughout the winter.  The feasts  were to allow the souls of the dead to attend with places set for them to have a meal.

Halloween is believed to be a derivative of Samhain, celebrated in the United States and many other countries, on October 31st.  It has turned into a feasting of candy for the bairns and big parties for the older lads and lassies.

What are you doing for Halloween or Samhain?  Tweet me a photo of your costume (any theme) @outmanders for your chance to win a copy of Outlander!  Use #outlandercostume and I’ll collect photos through November 2, 2015.   Entrants will be entered into a random list generator, with the top name receiving a copy of Outlander.  Ten additional entrants will receive a pamphlet synopsis from Toni Graphia’s recent talk in Santa Barbara.

Have fun!  If you live in Washington State, Oregon, or Canada, join us for more fun on Facebook, Puget Sound Sassenachs.  There will be some fun events coming up in the new year.

Video from Episode 1 of Outlander by Starz, photos are my own.