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The Search – Jenny and Claire

Get ready for it, Episode 114 of Outlander and “The Search.”  We left last week with the return of Ian without Jamie after Horrocks set them up for an ambush.  Jamie figured it out, but too late.

This week we will see just how tough and resilient Jenny and Claire are.  Jenny proves herself to Claire while out in the wild Highlands looking for her beloved brother.  Claire will do anything for love.

Jenny and Claire on a mission #findjamiefraser
Jenny and Claire #badlasses

This episode will definitely show the men who watch Outlander just how strong and gutsy these two women are – women from different worlds with a love of the same man.   Full of the no-guts-no-glory type of action, Claire signs on to part of her life in 1743 with new abandon.

Any thing to #findjamiefraser
Anything to #findjamiefraser

Will she do it?  Claire pledged her life to save the lives of others, how will she handle her internal battle?   Well, that remains to be seen on Saturday.

As the two figure out to find Jamie, let alone where, they have a clue:

The missive
Bad Ass Lasses of #Outlander

And what of Ian? Baby Maggie?  The Highlanders?  Jenny and Claire both break out of the molds they have been poured into, shattering the expected behavior norms – for the 18th and 20th centuries.  We see the return of Rupert and Angus, with Murtagh in the background (as seen in the preview).

Metin Huseyin has done a superb job on this episode; the purists will see many aspects of the book on the screen, spiced by new scenes. What will you need to watch this episode?  Bring on your inner punching bag because you will want to go to war with these women. You may need some tissues as well for some of the tender scenes. Other than that, prepare for a great ride on Saturday night – don’t forget to tweet using the #outlander hashtag at 9pm ET, even adding the extra moniker of #badlasses to your tweet to show support of our two heroines.

If you haven’t see the Episode 114 trailer, click here to view it.

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Tulach Ard!

World War II nurses in the movies sing a ditty.