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The Return of Outlander – In All Its Obsessable Glory

This is it Outlander fans, the end of Droughtlander is a mere days away.   Recent photos released by Starz has gotten many to think about how the new season will start, what do you think?  The Puget Sound Sassenachs ran a poll  (join here!) a couple of weeks ago asking when they thought the story would pick up for Season 2.  The overwhelming winners were 1) On the dock where they left off from Season 1,


or 2) With Claire in the hospital bed


What do you think?  I think it is the hospital bed as the opening scene, and this is because during an interview with Diana after SDCC, she mentioned that the season would be starting differently from the book and that we would be seeing a lot more Frank.  So after seeing the trailer with Claire sitting in a hospital bed, that was the first thing that came to mind.  For the record, Diana did not divulge anything, just that that it was different.  For those attending the premiere on April 4th in NYC, you will know the answer soon!  How do you think it will start?  Comment on the blog, and you will be entered to win an Outlander poster (from Season 1).


Starz has recently rolled out a new slogan for their shows – obsessable.  Certainly Outlander in print and television media qualifies as obsessable; and didn’t the show recently win an award for being the most binge-worthy show?  That seems to be about the same as obsessable.  Kudos to Starz for giving us a name for our behavior toward Outlander.  If you’d like to read the article about Starz and the rebranding, click here.

Want more ways to win? Enter the rafflecopter contest to have more ways to win, and don’t forget to tune in on April 9th for the rollout of Outlander – Season2.

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Vive Les Frasers!

All images from Starz Season 2 Trailer or the Outlander Facebook page.  Edits are my own.