Celebrating the Announcement of Brianna Casting with a Giveaway!

Congrats to Sherry Riley, next contest coming soon!

It’s Briannuary! It’s a great time to celebrate the end of #BriannaWatch by having a giveaway.  Entrants can win a Daily Outlander Calendar just by 1) following me on twitter; 2) liking and sharing the Outmander Facebook page; and/or 3) leaving a comment here about your favorite Brianna scene in any of the books!

Briannuary! Image from STARZ
Briannuary! Image from STARZ

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Fans worldwide can enter to win!
Fans worldwide can enter to win!

20 thoughts on “Celebrating the Announcement of Brianna Casting with a Giveaway!”

  1. My favorite scene with Brianna is when she meets Jamie for the first time. Of course, there is the reunion with her mother, too.

  2. My favorite Brianna scene has to be when she and Jamie meet for the first time. That scene gets to me everytime I read the books!

  3. I have two favorite scenes. I loved it when she meets Jamie for the first time. I also love the conversation between Briana and Roger after he admits he read her dream journal and he tells her about his own dream.

  4. Brianna meeting Jenny and her family the first time. Everyone thinking it was Jamie coming home again because she looks so much like her father.

  5. One of my favorite Brianna scenes is where she meets Jamie for the first time. Or when she asks Lord John Grey to marry her, I can imagine the look on his face, too funny!

  6. Favorite scene – Claire and Brianna are standing on the front porch, Claire says “Oh, I forgot”, turning to Brianna she says; “Roger Wakefield—my daughter, Brianna.” Brianna steps forward with a shy smile. Roger stares for a moment then remembers his manners and invites them in. THIS is the BEGINNING of the rest of the story, for Bree and Roger. Oh no wait! My favorite scene was when Claire spilt the best Glenfiddich single malt, and Brianna ‘helped’ to mop up the spilled Scotch from his trousers, and at the end of it they both stood facing each other as Roger weakly takes the napkin she offers him, breathing as though he had just been chased by a train. I can’t decide, I have so many favorites!

  7. One of my favourites is when Ian and her go out camping! Also when she meets Jamie. also when she meets Roger in the past.

  8. I like when I the second novel of the book that when Brianna finds out frank Randall is not her father and that sets her I her journey to find her father Jamie.

  9. My favorite Brianna scene is when she, Jem & Mandy return to the past to find Roger, and she and Jem are seen by Brian Fraser – he faints, and she cradles his head and prays that she didn’t cause him to die. Brian thinking she is Ellen is just heart wrenching.

  10. One of my favorite Brianna scenes is when she’s applying for the job of hydrodam engineer. The man tells her she’s going to be a secretary. She asks him what part of the hydrodam engineer job requires test_c_les! He’s quite speechless!

  11. Favorite — or one of them — is when Brianna and Roger go to the Highland Games in New England and he performs. Or, when they share their first kiss at St Kilda.

  12. 1.When she trys to blackmail LJG into announcing their engagement.

    2.And when she tells Roger she only wears knickers so he can take them off!

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