Support #EmmysforOutlander – Enter to Win Great Stuff!

Hello! This is your fill-in Outmander, while Koko (that lucky girl) is touring Scotland! I know she’ll have all kinds of excitement to share, but while she’s gone, she wanted me to bring you some really fun news.


Outmanders will bribe you to support #EmmysforOutlander. Really. We’ve got a pile of great items – an Outlander t-shirt, a photo signed by Cait and Sam, an Outlander notepad, a couple of posters, and more goodies. Want to win something? Here’s how:

On Monday, July 15 ONLY, come back here, and you’ll find the Rafflecopter box below open for entries. Click one or more of the options, do the item requested, and then provide the confirming information requested.
1- You’ll get 1 entry if you send out a tweet using the #EmmysForOutlander hashtag, preferably during the trending period, 10 – 11 am PT (1 pm eastern, noon central).
2- Tweet using a meme or picture edit, where both your tweet and meme include #EmmysForOutlander, and check off the correct box to get 5 entries.
3- Not on Twitter? Put out a message in Instagram, with #EmmysforOutlander, and get 2 entries.
4- for everyone- follow @OutManders on Twitter for 1 entry!

What should you say? “Outlander deserves all the awards! #EmmysForOutlander.”  “Outlander is the best show on TV! #EmmysForOutlander.” Don’t use any other hashtags. You don’t need to reference a specific category, actor or episode. You don’t need to direct it to anybody in particular. All tweets using the hashtag will help promote our chances for Emmy nominations! Retweets will not count, so make your own original tweet. If you need additional guidelines for tweeting, check out this informative article from Outlander Ambassadors.

Here’s an example of a meme or picture edit. Feel free to make your own, or pick up one of the many memes created by other creative fans.


Here’s the fine print, and a note about prizes: The majority of prizes may be mailed anywhere in the world. HOWEVER, included in the group of prizes are 2 large posters – these will ONLY go to US entrants (if you live in Canada, you can join the FB group Puget Sound Sassenachs and enter their contest – those posters will be mailed to Canada). No prizes will be mailed until after July 1.  And if you live in Washington, consider joining the Puget Sound Sassenachs group – they have awesome outings and lots of fun. You’ll find their Facebook group here.

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