One Week Post Droughtlander

So everyone survived, or at least it appears everyone did.  Outlander came back to us with a big bang, in theory, since Jamie rescued Claire using a revolver devoid of ball and powder.

Summing up last week, Jamie finally gets to stretch his knees and get out of that blasted window. Just in time too, to save his wife from unwanted ravishment yet again.   Fast forward to Jamie being very upset with Claire for disobeying his orders and needing to save face in front of Murtagh, his Uncle Dougal, and the rest of the MacKenzie men.  This has been the longest trip collecting rents – ever.   Then we have the most infamous spanking in the history of literature and television.


Claire gives as good as she gets with a wallop to the chops.

Claire kicks Jamie

Colum and Laoghaire are verra unhappy about the marriage of Jamie to a Sassenach.  Colum is even more furious with the collecting of monies for the Stuart cause.

Three Weasels

Puir Jamie, gets it from everyone. Colum’s wrath, Laoghaire’s advances (and who didn’t think his hand was on her breast a bit too long?),

Laoghaire and Jamie

Then to almost get skewered by Claire in the midst of a big O for both of them

Almost skewered

The Scot can’t catch a break.  Even Laoghaire has taken to giving Claire and Jamie an ill wish…

So what is on for tonight?  Looks like some fancy places Murtagh and Jamie visit, but for what purpose?  Claire?  Geillis?  And what of Dougal?  Stay tuned tonight, 9pm, or 6pm on the west coast if you have on demand.